House Pooja Guidelines

Pooja Items needed
1. Turmeric powder packet 1 (small)
2. Betel (Paan) leaves (Count 9) and Betel Nuts (Whole) (Count 6)
3. Raw/Green Turmeric roots (Count 40)
4. Chandan (Sandalwood powder), Bhasmam(Viboothi) & Kumkum 
5. Small size lime for garlands (Count 21) **Make small lemon garland ahead of puja
6. Big size lime for puja (Count 6) 
7. Aval (flatten rice) & Pori (puffed rice)- both small bags
8. Roasted Dalia
9. Tender Coconut with shell (you will get it in compare or g-mart) - (Count 2)
10. Fruits for Padi and naivedyam - Bananas(2 bunches), Mix of Oranges and Apples (minimum 36 oranges and 36 apples)
11. Garland for Ayyappa(1 big for picture (3ft) , 1 small for vigraha(1ft), 1 Ganesha(2ft) and 1 Muruga(2ft)), loose flowers for Archanas & Padi
12. Oil for lamp
13. Long Lamp Wicks (Count 25) 
14. Rose water (small)
15. Sugarcane (optional)
16. Coconut (Count 3) 
17. Agarpathi (Incense sticks)
18. Jaggery - get the cubes
19. Dates - medium size box 1
20 . Tulasi Plant or Leaves (If available)
21. Keep smokeless camphor if you have with matchbox or lighter ready
22. Keep 3 spare silver or eversilver plates, paper or eversilver bowls that have not been used for eating before ready
23. Keep wicks for the oil lamp soaked in oil ready
24. Banana Leaf for Puja (1 big leaf if possible from garden, if not you can buy in Compare in south blvd or G-Mart in Independence blvd.)
25. Prasad for naivedyam (Note: Please make sure prasadam is made at swamis home and request invitees not to bring food, prasadam made at other swamis house who are taking vratha are fine.)
** No Onions or Garlic in Prasadam please
26a. Panakam (jaggery water)
27b. Any type of Sundal
26. 2 small oil lamps to be kept in altar
27. small cups preferably metal - (Count 4)

Important Notes:  
1. Ayyappa Idol, Pictures of Lord Ayyappa, Ganesha and Muruga will be brought on the day of Pooja to each Swamis house hosting the Pooja
2. Also Pooja Items such as Padi lamps, Aarthi lamps, kuthu vilaku, mani(bell) etc will be brought to each Swamis house
3. Holy Padi and altar will be picked by the Swami hosting the Pooja from the Previous Swami who hosted the pooja and we will rotate it likewise
4. Before the Idol, pictures of Lords enter the house - Swami should come to the door, show camphor aarthi to the lord and then proceed inside home, so keep it ready
5. Choose a spot facing East preferable if not North, facing a window or Door is preferable
6. On the day of the pooja clean the floor and move unwanted furniture and other items from that pooja room as needed
7. Spread sheets for Devotees to sit - men and women separate sides
8. Keep a thick washed cloth for padi (not needed for  carpeted floors)
9. Swamis who are near and are able to come ahead will help decorating the Padi and other items
10. Prepare flower garlands for Lord Ayyapa (1 big - 3ft, 1 small - 1/2 feet) , Ganesh and Muruga (both 1 and 1/2 feet in length) ahead of the puja
11. Make the lemon mala out of 21 small sized lemons ahead of puja 
12. Keep warm water at the door for swamis patham abhishekam